The Agricultural Aviation Congress of Brazil is the largest agricultural aviation event in the world. There will be lectures, supplier fair, Scientific Congress and Latin American and Mercosur Congress.

It will be from July 28 to 30, in Sertãozinho, São Paulo.

Sertãozinho is next to Ribeirão Preto, just over 15 minutes by car.


How to go to Sertãozinho:


By Plane


The best option is to fly to Ribeirão Preto. The Ribeirão Preto State Airport - Doutor Leite Lopes, is one of the most renowned in the entire state. Its dynamic and modern infrastructure makes space a very important access road to the municipality. More than 50 thousand flights are carried out each year and the airport receives more than one million passengers every twelve months, which proves its effectiveness and its importance in the tourist context of the city.

The country's main airlines, such as TAM, Azul, GOL and Passaredo, serve the Ribeirão Preto airport.

From Cumbica Airport to Doutor Leite Lopes the distance is short, a flight of approximately 50 minutes. From Galeão Airport, in Rio de Janeiro, it takes almost two hours to fly.​


Upon arriving in Ribeirão Preto, you can use a taxi or apps (Uber, Cafify) that take you to Sertãozinho. It is about 30 km.


By bus

Some of the most important bus routes in the state of São Paulo are present at the Ribeirão Preto bus station. Expresso Itamarati, Princesa do Norte, Expresso União, Viação Eucatur and Viação Itapemirim are some of them. The trip from the Tietê terminal, SP, to the Ribeirão Preto bus station takes around 4 hours and costs between R $ 90.00 and R $ 140.00 in comfortable executive buses or beds.

The best Transport option between São Paulo and Ribeirão by bus is “Bus LEVARE”

Boarding and disembarking in the VIP room, buses with leather seats that recline 180°, individual LCD screens with films and music, on-board service, battery chargers and, of course, wireless internet.

By car

To reach Ribeirão Preto by car is also easy, comfortable and quiet, since important highways in the country connect to the city.

The SP-255, 050, SP-333, SP-291 are some of the most important routes and are always well taken care of, making the trip safe for the tourist.

Rodovia dos Bandeirantes and BR-05 connect the capital of São Paulo, in a trip that lasts approximately four hours. Those coming from Rio de Janeiro or Curitiba use the BR-116 and the journey of just over 500 kilometers takes about eight hours.





Sertãozinho is a small town, with few hotels. You can stay in Ribeirão Preto, where there are many options for hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.

For more information, hotel booking, transfers and tickets, please contact the Congress Oficial Travel Agency.


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